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Pastor invites people to eat fried human flesh

By Mason White 2:54 AM May 23, 2016
Adeniyi Johnson offering fried human flesh 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A pastor was arrested after allegedly inviting people to eat fried meat, which turned out to be human flesh, according to police in Nigeria.

Ondo police said that they have arrested Adeniyi Johnson, who is a pastor at the Winners Chapel church, after he was caught eating fried human flesh.

The pastor was detained after he invited people to join him for a meal. Johnson then placed fried meat on a tray and told the crowd to eat.

However, some residents warned that the food appears to be human flesh.

Johnson was arrested, and he told police that God instructed to him to share human flesh with people in order to save his dying son.

He begged police to let him go in order to be able to continue God’s mission. Officials of the Winners Chapel church said that the pastor had been fired last month, after he showed signs of mental illness.