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92 children get sick after weed killer was sprayed next to their school

By Mason White 5:51 PM May 23, 2016
School children (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
Nearly one hundred children were rushed to a hospital after getting extremely sick at school, following exposure to weed killer, according to health officials in Peru.

A health official in Nepena, apologized to parents and the children after a plane sprayed Roundup weed killer containing Glyphosate next to the school.

Children who inhaled the weed killer, suffered vomiting and fainting, while others complained of stomachaches and headaches.

The spraying was carried out on Tuesday morning, without a permit from health officials. A total of 92 children fell ill and three teachers suffered poisoning as a result of the weed killer produced by Monsanto.

Luckily, no one died as a result of the poisoning. The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed this week that the weed killer is unlikely to cause cancer.