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Fox named Peanut nearly dies in cemetery after getting its head stuck in peanut butter jar

By Mason White 3:54 AM May 24, 2016
Peanut and the peanut butter jar 

By: Wayne Morin
A fox in the United Kingdom, is lucky to be alive after workers at a cemetery saw it banging itself against the ground in order to free a peanut butter jar from its head.

The incident unfolded after the 3-week-old female fox named Peanut, tried to stick its head into a nearly empty peanut butter jar in order to lick some peanut butter that was stuck to the bottom.

When workers of the Salisbury Crematorium heard the fox banging itself on the ground to free the jar from its head, they called Kevin Drew of Creatures in Crisis.

Drew first tried to stick his finger between the head and the jar, but there was no room so he picked it up and took it home. He then used scissors to cut the plastic peanut butter jar.

The fox recovered nicely from the ordeal, but it will be kept under observation for another three months.