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Domino’s Pizza apologizes for man’s testicles on pizza

By Mason White 9:49 AM May 24, 2016
The pizza pie 

By: Feng Qian
Domino’s Pizza was quick to apologize to a customer who complained over a man’s testicles on his pizza.

The customer of the United Kingdom, posted a photo of the pizza with a man’s testicles on it, and he said that he received an “uncooked meatball” on his pie.

After apologizing, Domino’s learned that they were fooled by prankster Ciaran Jarrett, who tricked them into apologizing over his prank.

Jarrett wrote on the company’s Twitter page: “Why is there an uncooked meatball on my pepperoni passion, Fuming?”

“Whoever cooked this deserves to be sacked,” he added.

Jarrett attached a photo of his friend Steve, resting one of his testicles on the pepperoni pizza.

Domino’s quickly apologized and said: “Sorry about that, have you told the store about this?”

Pizza fans could not get enough of the awkward exchange and the post went viral.

After the photo went viral, Jarrett’s friend Steve wrote: “Over one million people have seen my left testicle.”