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Sleep walker walks out of her hotel and into street completely naked

By Mason White 2:49 AM May 25, 2016
Walking naked (illustration) 

By: Wayne Morin
Police were called after people saw a woman walking out of her hotel room completely naked, according to police in the United Kingdom.

Manchester police said that the incident unfolded on Saturday night, and they were called to the scene when people on the street outside of the hotel saw the woman walking completely naked.

Police officers who arrived at the scene on Chorlton Street, offered the woman a blanket to cover herself. She woke up and laughed about the situation.

She thanks the officers for the help, and apologized. Police determined that the woman suffered from sleepwalking. No charges have been filed.

“Officers just helped someone who sleepwalked out of her hotel with absolutely no clothes on, onto Chorlton Street. We checked with officers and this was a case of proper somnambulism, not a dare. The woman was grateful for our help and she saw the funny side of herself,” the Manchester police wrote on Twitter.