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Camel rips owner’s head off after being left in the heat all day

By Mason White 5:54 PM May 24, 2016
Camel (illustration) 

By: Feng Qian
The owner of a camel was decapitated after the animal was left out in the heat all day, according to police in India.

Rajasthan police said that the camel ripped off the head of its owner, 75-year-old Urjaram Meghwal.

According to the police investigation, the camel had its feet tied all day and left out in the heat. When the owner came near it, the animal attacked him.

Urjaram’s cousin, 55-year-old Pala Ram Meghwal, revealed that the camel had been left outside since the Saturday morning.

Late in the day, Urjaram said told his family members that he is going to get the camel. When he didn’t return, the family members went out to look for him.

They found the decapitated body of Urjaram lying near the camel. Urjaram also suffered injuries to his entire body. The camel had attacked people twice before, Pala said.

A Veterinary professor said that prolonged exposure to heat and lameness in the legs, cause camels to get really upset.

There is also a possibility that the camel contracted rabies. Family members said that they want to execute the camel, but the government has outlawed camel slaughter last year.

Urjaram left behind three sons, four daughters and several grandchildren. Pala is trying to sell the animal.