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Man left with hole in his tongue after electronic cigarette exploded in his mouth

By Mason White 5:52 PM May 24, 2016
Kenneth Barbero 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A young man in New York, was left with a hole in his tongue after an electronic cigarette exploded in his mouth.

Kenneth Barbero of Albany, said that he was vaping the electronic cigarette when the handheld device exploded in his face.

The explosion caused his teeth to break, and blew a hole in his tongue. His hands were also burned. Barbero believes that the battery caused the explosion.

After the battery exploded, the liquid inside shot out and burned everything. Experts recommend using only the batteries and charging accessories that come with the device.

They also advise against placing electronic cigarettes in pants pockets, since coins can rub against them and interfere with the lithium ion battery.