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Man humiliated after parachute marriage proposal went horribly wrong and his woman was not impressed

By Mason White 9:54 AM May 24, 2016
The proposal 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A man was humiliated in public after his marriage proposal failed miserably.

The man of Yichang, China, set up an elaborate marriage proposal, using a parachute, flowers and balloons.

However, things went wrong after he became entangled in a tree. The man rented a parachute, and he wrote “Gou Hongyun, marry me,” on it in an attempt to propose to his girlfriend.

Things went well until a gust of wind blew the parachute into a tree. The man was caught in the branches and he spent almost an hour suspended in the air.

Firefighters finally arrived on the scene with a crane and brought him down. Other than a deflated ego, the man did not suffer any injuries.

After the incident, the man continued with his proposal. The man lovingly placed balloons that spelled out “I love you,” in front of bushes.

He placed a huge bouquet of roses into the woman’s hand, he got down on one knee and asked his girlfriend to marry him.

The woman refused to answer his question and instead, she turned her back to him and walked away, leaving him humiliated and rejected.