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Model kills boyfriend who came home and showed off new younger girlfriend

By Mason White 2:45 AM May 25, 2016
Andrew Bush and Maria Korotaeva 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A model was arrested on charge of murder after allegedly killing her boyfriend because he came home with a younger woman, according to police in Spain.

26-year-old Mayka Marica Kukucova of Estepona, allegedly fired three shot at 48-year-old Andrew Bush, killing him.

Bush, who was originally from the United Kingdom, sold his jewelry business for millions of dollars before moving to the country with Kukucova.

In court, Kukucova pleaded not guilty to one charge of murder, saying that she shot her boyfriend in self defense as he pointed a gun at her.

According to the police investigation, Kukucova shot Bush three times, after he returned home with his new girlfriend, 20-year-old Maria Korotaeva.

Kukucova was dressed in sexy lingerie and waited for her boyfriend in the bedroom before realizing that Bush no longer loved her.