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Restaurant uses waitresses in bikinis to peel seafood as customers eat them

By Mason White 5:42 AM May 25, 2016
Waitresses in bikinis peel shrimp 

By: Tanya Malhotra
People are flocking to a restaurant in China, after the business began using women dressed in bikinis to prepare shrimp for hungry diners.

The restaurant that offers a full range of seafood on its menu recently opened in Shenyang.

The restaurant, which offers shrimp, is using the bikini-clad waitresses to peel the seafood as the customers eat.

The owner of the restaurant said that since peeling the shrimp can take time, customers will be more relaxed to watch a nearly naked woman at work.

In August, a 27-year-old good-looking woman of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, started advertising her services on a popular website.

The woman identified as Xie charges 10 yuan ($1.6) for cracking open a crab and taking out the meat. A customer who adds an extra 5 yuan ($0.80), is also fed the delicious meat to them.

Xie said that some clients shell out a large sum of money during one sitting.

For example, one man identified as 39-year-old Feng, spent 260 yuan ($41) for her services on Tuesday, at a restaurant in the city.