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Wife who lost her sex drive after birth allows husband to sleep with other women

By Mason White 5:49 PM May 25, 2016
Amy and Ryan Jones 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman of the United Kingdom, who lost her sex drive, said that she allows her husband to sleep with other women.

While many husbands give their wives time to recover after a baby before having sex, one woman is trying to keep her husband satisfied by allowing him to sleep around with other women.

30-year-old Amy Jones from Leeds, said that she lost her sex drive after giving birth to her second child as she was overwhelmed with motherhood.

To keep the marriage to her husband Ryan, 32, alive, she allows him sleep with other women, but she made rules.

Amy, who was with her husband since she was 14 years old, said that he can only sleep one time with each woman as she does not want him to fall in love with someone else.

Amy also said that when Ryan is done with his sexual encounter, he has to tell her all about it.