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Couple rapes and beats woman to death with hammer for their sexual pleasure

By Mason White 3:28 AM May 27, 2016
Susan Whiting (center) Steven Beards and Julie Beards 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A couple of the United Kingdom, was jailed for luring a woman to their home before brutally raping and killing her.

The couple befriended the woman, who has learning disabilities, and they invited her to their home numerous time before that fateful day.

20-year-old Susan Whiting lived in an apartment that belonged to the Brighter Futures charity, when the couple befriended her.

The victim’s mother said that Steven Beards, 34, and his wife, Julie Beards, 36, made her daughter feel comfortable and safe at their home.

However, when she did not return to her home after a sleepover, her mother called police.

Whiting’s body was found wrapped in a shower curtain under the couple’s bed.

Police said that the couple drugged the victim, raped her and beat her with a hammer and cracked her skull.

Steven Beards, whom the judge described as “a sexually motivated violent killer,” was sentenced to life in prison.

His wife Julie, was convicted of manslaughter. She will be sentenced at a later date.

On their website, the Brighter Futures charity wrote that they “help individuals with autism thrive as they achieve remarkable and lasting success, and they help individuals with autism become self-supporting and contributing members of their communities.”

Sadly, the couple took that away from Whiting.