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Man devastated after learning that he was wrongly diagnosed with AIDS 8 years ago

By Mason White 6:29 PM May 26, 2016
Yang Shoufa 

By: Wayne Morin
While many people would celebrate the fact that they don’t have AIDS, one man said that he is very angry.

53-year-old Yang Shoufa lived under the impression that he had AIDS for 8 years.

However, when he was hospitalized for a variety of health problems, Shoufa learned that he had been misdiagnosed and he never had the illness.

Shoufa filed a lawsuit, seeking 2 million yuan ($305,094) in compensation for lost time and for pain and suffering that the wrong diagnoses caused him.

Shoufa said that he, like others diagnosed with AIDS, became a social outcast and people wanted nothing to do with him.

Shoufa said that during a routine checkup in the Zhenping County disease control center in Henan, he tested positive for AIDS.

When doctors tested him again, they discovered that he did not have the disease. Zhenping County disease control center retested his original sample from 8 years ago.

They confirmed that Shoufa’s samples were positive for AIDS.

Wu Zhaofang, who is the deputy director of the Zhenping disease control center, said that there may have been a mix up in the blood samples. “The test equipment did not fail, so someone must have mixed up Shoufa’s blood with an HIV patient,” he said.