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Transgender activist dies in Pakistan hospital while doctors try to figure out if she goes in the men’s or women’s ward

By Mason White 2:32 PM May 26, 2016
Alisha in the hospital with her friends 

By: Wayne Morin
Transgender people in Pakistan, are angry after a woman needlessly died while waiting to be treated.

The transgender community said that it has seen an increased number of violence against them.

Now, a 23-year-old activist who was identified as Alisha, was a victim of hate when she was shot eight times on Sunday night in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

Alisha was in critical condition and she needed emergency surgery following the attack.

However, her transgender friends claim that staff members at the Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, failed to give her the medical attention necessary to save her life.

Alisha has undergone emergency surgery, but she has not been placed in the ICU, where she would have been closely monitored and cared for.

Alisha was allegedly neglected while hospital staff were unsure whether to place her in the men’s or women’s ward of the hospital.

Furthermore, the friends claim that they have been sexually harassed at the hospital when staff members asked them how much they charged for lap dances.

The transgender advocacy group Trans Action Alliance (TAA), of which Alisha was a district coordinator, held protests in front of the police station while demanding that the suspect who shot Alisha should be arrested.