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Doctors find condom in woman’s appendix during surgery for stomach pain

By Mason White 8:31 AM May 27, 2016
The condom 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman underwent surgery after she had severe stomach pain and nausea.

The 26-year-old woman came to a hospital in Cameroon, complaining of pain in the right side of the pelvis.

She was unable to eat and she was suffering from a fever. An X-ray revealed that her abdomen was swollen from fluid.

Doctors concluded that she had appendicitis. The woman was rushed to emergency surgery to remove the infected organ before it burst. When they cut it out, doctors found something unusual.

“We found an incomplete piece of rubbery material, which was consistent with a condom,” doctors wrote in the Journal of Medical Case Reports.

When the patient awoke after the procedure, she explained that two weeks earlier, she accidentally swallowed a condom. She said that while being intimate with her boyfriend, the condom came loose and accidentally slid down her throat.

The woman told doctors that she found pieces of the condoms in her feces five days later.

Doctors believe that the condom broke into pieces as it traveled through the gastrointestinal tract with part of it becoming lodged in the appendix.