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Woman takes off her clothes on plane and screams that she is going to die as a result of a crash

By Mason White 12:26 PM May 27, 2016
Woman getting naked on plane 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A woman was escorted off a plane after removing all her clothes and screaming that she is going to die due to a crash, according to police in Colorado.

The incident unfolded on a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver, to Portland, Oregon, on Monday.

According to passengers on the plane, the woman, who was not identified, was kicking and screaming on the floor, and hit her head against the door of the cockpit.

She told everyone that she was going to die in a plane crash.

Her behavior was very erratic. She was jumping up and down, crying and then laughing, even before the plane pulled away from the gate.

A few minutes before takeoff, the woman tried to pull down an oxygen bag. She then jumped over other passengers and made her way the cockpit door.

She banged her head on the door while removing all her clothes.

A spokesperson for Frontier Airlines, confirmed that the flight was sent back to the gate and that Denver police officers escorted off the passenger before the plane resumed its trip to Portland.