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Employee of children’s hospital steals $100,000 from his employer to build temple

By Mason White 1:38 PM May 29, 2016
Bram Deo 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) An accounting manager of a hospital was arrested on a charge of theft after allegedly swiping about $100,000 from his employer in order to build a temple, according to police in Washington.

Seattle police said that they have arrested 53-year-old Bram Deo, the accounting manager of the Seattle Children’s Hospital, after being accused of using his employer’s money to pay a contractor who built a temple.

After being caught, Deo gave back the stolen funds and resigned. Deo also paid the $59,000 it cost to investigate the theft.

Deo was charged with five counts of first-degree theft. King County prosecutors said that Deo paid the general contractor $96,250 with a check from the hospital.

During questioning by police, Deo admitted to the thefts. Deo also managed the finances of a Hindu organization. Deo told the contractor that the hospital was donating the money to build the temple.

The contractor got suspicious after Deo told him not to discuss the project with the hospital managers.