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Mother kills her newborn baby after coming home from hospital because he did not stop crying

By Mason White 5:22 PM May 29, 2016
Aishia Marie Pacheco 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A mother seemed to be very happy with the birth of her son, but as soon as she took him home from the hospital, things turned bad.

The mother of North Carolina, was arrested for killing her newborn son by smothering him the day she brought the baby home from the hospital because he would not stop crying, police said.

22-year-old Aishia Marie Pacheco killed 4-day-old Tyler Pacheco. He was found unconscious with bruises on the lips and nose, according to the police report.

She held the baby close the her chest and smothered him, Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman said.

When she arrived home from the hospital, Pacheco wrote on Facebook: “My little boy Tyler Isaiah and I finally got to come home today. He is doing great and I love him so much. I’m learning a lot with him and I’m so proud to be his mom.

“Labor was tough and recovery is even tougher, but I’m doing it for my son.

“Thank You mom and dad for helping me with everything, including how to be a great mother to my son, I love you guys,” she wrote.

Facebook messages offering congratulations to Pacheco quickly turned to hate when people learned of her actions.

“Love him so much and you murdered him?” One friend wrote.

“How dare you kill an innocent baby, I hope you get what you deserve in prison,” another wrote.

A man who identified himself as Isaiah’s biological father, also took to social media to express his grief at the loss of her son.

“You did not deserve to die and I hope that you are watching over me. I wish your mom would have called me or my mother, you would have the best life with me,” he wrote on Facebook.

Pacheco recently lost her fiance, Alex Bond, who committed suicide by stabbing himself, officials said. Despite the fact that Bond was not the baby’s biological father, he expressed his excitement to welcome the child into the world.

Pacheco was charged with second-degree murder and she is being held on $1 million bail.