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Teenager hangs himself from tree because he was too afraid to tell his parents that he crashed his brand new car

By Mason White 5:35 PM May 29, 2016
Ruslan Gutu 

By: Chan Yuan
A teenager was found hanging from a tree after crashing the brand new car that was given to him as a gift by his parents, a court in the United Kingdom has heard.

18-year-old Ruslan Gutu of Berkshire, was very distraught and was shaking after crashing the brand new car into a Land Rover.

Gutu, who was a professional gymnast, sent a text message to his mother, saying that he will be staying at a girl’s house and won’t be home at night.

Around 6:00 a.m., she received a text from him, saying that he is sorry to have left everyone behind, but it is better this way and he will be watching everyone from above.

Gutu’s girlfriend, Athena La, told investigators that her boyfriend was shaking as he said that he was concerned about how he would pay for damage to his car after crashing into a Land Rover.

He did not want to tell his parents about the damaged car. Gutu then asked his girlfriend for a rope and drugs. He also asked how much he would need to take for an overdose.

La told him not to be stupid, and he left her home. Gutu’s body was later discovered by a park ranger.

Ranger Mark Symmons said that he saw a figure hanging from the trees and at first, he thought it was a doll. He approached the scene, and realized that it was a dead man.

Police cut Gutu from the tree, and he was pronounced dead.
An autopsy revealed that Gutu had drugs in his system, but not enough to cloud his judgement.