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Man breaks his hand while diving through restaurant’s glass window after mistaking rowdy children for terror attack

By Mason White 4:11 AM May 31, 2016
Hand through glass window (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A man in the United Kingdom, suffered a broken hand after diving through a glass window because he thought a terror attack was taking place in a restaurant.

The man was among many customers who panicked at the Costa Coffee shop in Didsbury, on Wednesday afternoon.

The man told investigators that he heard gunshots and feared that a terrorist has opened fire.

Witnesses said that the man ran through one of the front windows before running to a nearby bank to ask for help.

Other customers also said that they thought they were being attacked.

However, the noise came from a group of rowdy children who threw food trays at one another.

Police confirmed that the noise that sounded like gunshots was caused by children around 3:30 p.m.

The man was taken to a hospital with a broken hand.

No charges were filed against the children for causing the panic.

A spokesperson for Costa Coffee, wished the man a speedy recovery and said that they regretted what happened in the store.