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Father catches child psychiatrist recording his young son using public bathroom

By Mason White 5:10 PM May 31, 2016
Aaron Voon confronted and detained 

By: Wayne Morin
(Scroll down for video) A well-known psychiatrist from Australia, was arrested on child pornography charges in Canada, after he was caught recording a boy using a bathroom.

A father of Canada, took his son to a bathroom at the West Edmonton Mall’s Scotiabank Theatre.

While in the bathroom, the father realized that a man was recording his son.

The father confronted the suspect, 41-year-old Aaron Voon from Perth, and with the help of other people, detained him until police arrived.

The father then demanded that Voon hand over his phone. When he did so, the victim’s father handed the phone over to his wife.

She went through the phone and allegedly found the video of her son urinating. The video did not show her son’s face, but she recognized him by the clothes he was wearing.

A witnesses recorded the confrontation and uploaded the video to the Internet. The video shows the mother screaming after finding the video, showing her son from his shoulder down to his privates using the bathroom.

She handed the phone over to police, and Voon was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography, making child pornography and voyeurism. He was denied bail.

Dr. Voon is a very well-known children’s psychiatrist. He ran the Successful Development and Therapy Clinic in Cockburn. He charged about $800 for 90 minutes for initial consultations, and $400 for subsequent appointments.

He specialized in treating children with social, emotional and behavioral issues, and conditions including depression, anxiety, ADHD and autism.

He sent a letter to his patients saying: “A most terrible thing has happened with me in the past week while I was overseas, which I will need to manage urgently. I will have to cease practice immediately indefinitely.

“For patients and families, I am so sorry for leaving you so suddenly. I can honestly state that these issues have been totally separate from work and I have always provided you and your children with the best possible, safe and appropriate care.”