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Woman beats boyfriend with leash and throws feces all over her jail cell

By Mason White 10:19 AM May 31, 2016
Anne Marie Damico 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman from Pennsylvania, expressed her anger against police by throwing her feces all over her jail cell.

Police in Lancaster County, arrested the woman after she was accused of hitting her boyfriend with a dog leash and then threatened to shoot police.

34-year-old Anne Marie Damico of the 1st block of Deanne Circle in East Cocalico Township, allegedly assaulted her live-in boyfriend.

Police observed that the 41-year-old victim suffered injuries to his neck and throat area.

Damico also ripped the victim’s shirt and pants when he tried to leave the residence at 3:00 p.m., according to the police report.

While investigating the incident, police said that Damico struck an officer with her cellphone and also spat in the face of her boyfriend as he was escorted from home.

While in custody, Damico threatened to shoot and kill one of the officials and she then defecated on the floor of her cell. She then picked up the feces and threw it around her cell, police said.

Damico was charged with simple assault-domestic violence, aggravated harassment by prisoner, making terroristic threats and resisting arrest.

Damico was arrested and arraigned in front of District Magistrate Nancy Hamill. Her bail was set at $10,000.