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Groom kills his model wife and puts her body on a bicycle so he can dump her in the woods

By Mason White 5:02 PM June 1, 2016
Samir and Gyulnara Gabibov 

By: Chan Yuan
A family is angry over the death of their daughter after they warned her against marrying her husband.

23-year-old model Gyulnara Gabibov of Russia, fell in love with her husband Samir, 34, and married him after dating him for a short time.

The family said that they were concerned about Samir, as they knew very little about him. They did not even know where he worked or what he did for a living.

However, their daughter was in love and decided to marry Samir. One week after their wedding, Gyulnara went missing.

At first, her family thought that she ran away and that she was embarrassed to return home after the failed marriage.

Her family went on television and said in a statement: “We are not blaming you. Please return, we are waiting for you.”

Police investigated the husband as he was the one who last saw the woman. He denied knowing her whereabouts. However, one month after her disappearance, he allegedly admitted that he accidentally killed his new wife.

According to police, Samir said that he pushed his wife during an argument and she fell, hit her head and died.

He and his brother then placed her body on a bicycle and pushed it six miles into a forest near St. Petersburg, where they buried her.

Samir was arrested and he is facing 15 years in prison.