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Meat lovers attack vegan restaurant and throw meat into food of diners

By Mason White 2:41 PM June 1, 2016
Kiwi Cafe 

By: Chan Yuan
Police were called after meat lovers stormed a vegan restaurant and threw meat into the food of diners.

The vegan cafe in Georgia, was attacked by protesters who threw sausages and fish in food of diners during the screening of a foreign language film.

According to police, more than a dozen men entered the vegan Kiwi Cafe in the capital of Tbilisi on Sunday night.

They were wearing sausages around their necks, and they were holding skewers that had meat and fish on them. They allegedly used it to contaminate the food that the vegan customers were eating.

When the men refused to leave, they were forcibly removed by staff, prompting a fight that spilled into the street. The fight continued outside between the meat lovers and the vegans.

The Kiwi Cafe staff told police that some of their neighbors have a negative attitude towards them due to their veganism, and they took the opportunity while customers were screening the film to attack them.

Minor injuries were reported. By the time police arrived, the meat lovers were already gone and so far, no arrests have been made.