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Lesbian lovers force their 2-year-old son to eat dog feces before beating him to death

By Mason White 4:19 AM June 3, 2016
Rachel, Nyomi, and Liam Fee 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) Two lesbian lovers were arrested on a charge of murder after abusing their young son until he died of a ruptured heart, according to police in Scotland.

Now, 31-year-old Rachel Fee and 29-year-old Nyomi Fee of Fife, have been convicted of murder and child abuse in connection with the death of their 2-year-old son Liam Fee.

The couple denied that they killed their son, saying that another boy was responsible for Lima’s death. According to the police investigation, Liam had been subjected to a life of pain and neglect.

Liam suffered a ruptured heart and similar injuries to victims of car accidents. The couple was also found guilty of assaulting, intentionally neglecting and abusing two young children.

This abuse included being imprisoned in a cage, cold showers, being tied up in a dark room where snakes and rats were kept, and forced to eat excrement of dogs.