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Woman sells freezer containing her mother’s dead body to neighbor for $30

By Mason White 1:34 PM June 3, 2016
Deep freezer (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) Police launched an investigation after a woman sold a freezer containing her mother’s dead body to a neighbor, according to police in North Carolina.

The Goldsboro Police Department said that the neighbor who purchased the deep freezer for $30 freaked out after opening the lid and discovering a dead body inside.

Investigators believe that the mother of the woman who sold the freezer, died of natural causes. The seller could face a charge of concealing the death of a person.

The neighbor, who was not identified, said that the seller warned her not to open the freezer until someone from the church came to pick up the time capsule hidden inside.

So the woman waited. Three weeks passed, but the church member never came. She kept the freezer plugged working in the corner of a guest bedroom.

Last Friday, she removed the tape and looked inside. She freaked out when she saw a human foot. The buyer immediately called the police to report the dead body in her freezer.