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Lawyer asks client for nude photos instead of cash payments

By Mason White 3:04 PM June 5, 2016

By: Wayne Morin
A lawyer of California, lost his license to practice law in Arizona, after allegedly asking a client for nude photos instead of cash payments.

The State Bar of Arizona, has disbarred Jeffrey D. Moffatt of Lancaster, after being accused of asking for nude photos from a client and suggesting that she find a woman with whom he could have sex.

Moffatt said that the was exercising his right to free speech, and he has filed an appeal with the Arizona Supreme Court.

Moffatt also claims that the action taken against him in Arizona, was politically motivated.

In April, a lawyer was slapped with a lawsuit after allegedly offering a young woman a job in exchange for her having sex with him and his wife at the same time, according to court documents in New York.

Denisse Villalta of Brooklyn, who was 19 years old at the time of the incident, filed the lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan, claiming that 42-year-old Sunny Barkats of the JS Barkats PLLC law firm, forced her to have sex with him in exchange for having a job as a receptionist.

Barkats also insisted that Villalta have sex with him and his wife at the same time. On her first day of work, Barkats demanded sex.

Barkats vehemently denied the allegations, saying that Villalta was once the girlfriend of his brother-in-law, and she is just seeking revenge.