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Nuns caught ripping off street posters advertising Sex Party political initiatives

By Mason White 3:28 AM June 6, 2016
Nuns destroying Sex Party political signs 

By: Wayne Morin
A group of angry nuns were recorded ripping of posters that were hung on the street by the Sex Party of Australia.

Officials have criticized the two nuns from the Mother Teresa order in Melbourne, who have been caught on camera desecrating large Sex Party political posters this week.

The nuns were seen destroying the words: “Tax the Church.”

They also tore off the party’s call to legalize marijuana.

Sex Party leader and Victorian Upper House member Fiona Patten, said that the attack was cowardly and unprovoked.

“Our policy to tax the church is fair and reasonable especially in regards to the church’s profit-making businesses,” she said. “If the nuns would like to visit me and confess, that will be the end to it,” she added.

Sex Party signs have been attacked before by religious institutions.

During the last state election, Sex Party signs had been removed from a church that was being used as a polling booth because the church workers believed that they were the work of the devil.

“Religious institutions are places where discrimination is rife and I’d like to see them not used as polling places,” Patten said. “Voting needs to be done in the most rational of places and not the most irrational ones,” she added.

Sex Party lead candidate for the Victorian Senate and head of the Rationalist Society Meredith Doig, said: “Religious institutions need to understand that one of the reasons people are leaving the church in droves is that they are perceived as being increasingly insular and outside of mainstream society.”