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18-year-old teacher burned alive because she refused to marry a married man

By Mason White 5:22 PM June 6, 2016
Maria Sadaqat 

By: Wayne Morin
Three men were arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly burning a teenager alive because she refused to marry a married man, according to police in Pakistan.

Muree police said five men broke into the home of 18-year-old Maria Sadaqat, as she was babysitting her 5-year-old sister girl.

They beat her up and poured gasoline on her body. They then set the teacher on fire and fled from the scene. Sadaqat suffered burns to 85 percent of her body.

She was rushed to a hospital, where she died.

According to the police investigation, the reason behind the gruesome attack was because she decided to reject a marriage proposal from her employer at school.

The owner of the school asked Sadaqat to marry his son despite the fact that he was married. The owner even promised to make her the manager of the school if she agreed to marry his son.

Sadaqat rejected the proposal because she did not want to marry a married man.