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Chef forces two women to have sex with each other in front of young girl

By Mason White 5:20 PM June 6, 2016
Mohamed Zahran 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A chef was arrested on a charge of causing grievous bodily harm after forcing two women to have sex with each other before stabbing them for refusing to have sex with him, according to police in the United kingdom.

Now, 37-year-old Mohamed Zahran of County Durham, has been sentenced to serve 16 years in prison after being convicted of causing grievous bodily harm, causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent, sexual assault and false imprisonment.

According to the police investigation, Zahran, who worked as a chef, ordered the two women to strip naked and lie on top of each other.

The two friends cried as they were forced to touch and kiss each other while the little daughter of one of the women watched.

At some point, Zahran told the women that it was his turn to have sex with them. When they refused to have sex with him, he pulled a knife and stabbed them.

One of the women ran naked into the street and shouted for help. When police came into the house, they found Zahran with a stab wound in his stomach.