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Dr. Heimlich uses his own anti-choking method for first time at age 96 on choking woman

By Mason White 9:23 AM June 6, 2016
Dr. Henry Heimlich  

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) The Heimlich maneuver became the famous method of saving the lives of people who are choking.

The method is being taught around the world to thousands of people, but thankfully, not many people need to put it into practice.

The life saving method was created by 96-year-old Dr. Henry Heimlich of Ohio, back in 1974. He never had to use it to save someone’s life until now.

Dr. Heimlich, a thoracic surgeon, performed the method on a woman who was choking at the Deupree House senior living center in Cincinnati.

There were over 100 people in the dining room at about 7:00 p.m., when 87-year-old Perry Gaines, began choking on a piece of meat.

Dr. Heimlich came to her rescue. He performed the Heimlich maneuver and he saved her life.