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Internet goes crazy over heartwarming moment girl sobs when she gets doll with prosthetic leg like her

By Mason White 2:05 PM June 6, 2016
Emma Bennet 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A young girl captured the hearts of millions of people with her emotional reaction to her new doll that was “just like her.”

While many little girls want their American Girl dolls to look like them by choosing the eye color, hair color and clothes, one girl received her doll with an extra special gift.

10-year-old Emma Bennet of Texas, who wears a prosthetic right leg, got an American Girl doll with a prosthetic leg.

American Girl dolls do not have the choice to have prosthetics, but Emma’s parents decided to have one made special for her.

They reached out to a real prosthetic company to make one for her doll. A Step Ahead Prosthetics of New York, agreed to the special mission and they created and small real-looking prosthetic leg for the doll.

They then sent the look alike doll to Emma with a sweet note, saying how the doll underwent training and that it can now do everything without limitation.

“After a few weeks of training, she is ready to go home and lead a life without limitations with you,” they wrote.

Upon opening the gift, Emma began sobbing and hugging the doll, thrilled to have a doll that looks like her. Courtney Fletcher Bennet uploaded the video to Facebook, where it went viral.