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Three young girls who were left alone in locked car call police to beg for food while mothers were getting drunk at bars

By Mason White 3:48 AM June 7, 2016
Woman drinking in bar (illustration)

By: Feng Qian
Two women were arrested on a charge of child endangerment after leaving their young children alone in a car while they were getting drunk at bars, according to police in Spain.

Vitoria police said that they arrested the two women as they were searching for their car following a night of heavy drinking.

They now face up to 28 months in prison.

According to the police, the two women got so drunk that they could not remember where they parked their car, where they abandoned their three daughters, all girls under seven years old.

The oldest child managed to call the police from a cellphone that was left inside the locked car. The girl told police that they were locked in the car and hungry.

When the two women, 32 and 38 years old, finally located the car, the police were already there. One of the women attempted to assault a police officer who tried to arrest her.

One of the women was already arrested earlier that day after leaving her child home alone.