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12-year-old boy chokes himself to death while playing choking game on the Internet

By Mason White 2:26 AM June 8, 2016
Karnel Haughton 

By: Chan Yuan
A young boy lost his life after he allegedly participated in an online choking game, according to police in the United Kingdom.

The mother of 12-year-old Karnel Haughton, found him dead in his room on Wednesday, police in Birmingham said.

According to the police investigation, Haughton played the choking game on the Internet in his bedroom while his mother was not home.

At some point, the boy lost consciousness and died as a result of lack of oxygen. The mother of the boy identified as Gemma, found the dead body of her son after she returned home from shopping.

Family and friends described Haughton as a happy young boy who had a brilliant relationship with everyone.