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Groom horrified to learn his ‘pregnant bride’ was a man

By Mason White 1:48 PM June 7, 2016
The couple getting married 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A scam artist managed to convince another man to marry him by saying he was pregnant.

The groom named Mr. Wang of Henan, China, said that he was very happy when his girlfriend told him she was pregnant.

After learning that he was going to be a father, Wang proposed to his girlfriend and she said “yes.”

The couple, who met on a dating website, had a big wedding. However, just three days after the wedding, the bride disappeared.

She took the wedding gifts and his valuables, and she vanished without a trace.

Shortly after the incident, another man called police to report that he had met a girl online and she extorted a lot of money.

Police went to an Internet cafe, where they managed to make contact with the woman and they lured her there. However, when the suspect arrived, she was dressed as a man and her identity card showed that she is 27-year-old Miao Songtao.

Police searched his home and found wigs, dresses and high heels as well as sexy underwear and cosmetics.

According to police, Miao said that he “was not sure if he liked men or women, but was quite fond of money.”

He allegedly told police that in more than a year, he had managed to date 11 men and he got hundreds of thousands of RMB out of them.

Police contacted the victims, and that is when Wang learned that he was scammed into marrying a man instead of “his pregnant girlfriend.”

Miao faces a number of charges including theft.