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Man asks public for help with finding his pants he lost during drunken night out with friends

By Mason White 6:00 PM June 8, 2016
Andy Gaudry pants, cellphone and wallet 

By: Chan Yuan
A man of Canada, issued a public appeal after losing his pants during a drunken night out with friends.

Andy Gaudry said that he was visiting his grandmother, who lives in Halifax, for her 80th birthday.

On Friday, he went out with his cousins and friends, and he got drunk. He blacked out, and when he woke up, he did not have his pants, which contained his wallet and cellphone.

“Please help me find my pants. I lost my pants on Friday night. They’re charcoal Calvin Klein chinos, and they contained my wallet and cellphone.

“I was staying at the Marriott, but I blacked out and don’t know where I would have taken my pants off. Had security check the tapes at the hotel and I indeed was pants less when I arrived back. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated,” Gaudry posted on Reddit.

Luckily, the post went viral and the pants along with his cellphone and wallet were returned. “We have found the pants and they are at the hotel with your wallet and cellphone,” Paully wrote on Reddit.