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Mother ties teenage daughter to bed and burns her alive because she married the man she loved

By Mason White 2:28 AM June 9, 2016
Hassan Khan shows photo of his murdered wife Zeenat Rafiq 

By: Feng Qian
A mother was arrested on a charge of murder after allegedly burning her teenage daughter alive because she married the man she loved, according to police in Pakistan.

Lahore police said that they have arrested Parveen Rafiq, after being accused of tying up her daughter, 18-year-old Zeenat Rafiq, before dousing her with gasoline and setting her on fire.

Parveen was charged with one count of murder.

According to the police investigation, after Parveen learned that her daughter married Hassan Khan, she plotted with her son to kill her.

When Zeenat came to visit her mother, Parveen and her son tied the teenager to a bed and poured gasoline on her. She was then set on fire, and she died of her injuries.