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Drunk man is killed in accident caused by good Samaritan who came to his aid

By Mason White 4:45 PM June 8, 2016
Paul Long 

By: Mahesh Sarin
A good Samaritan of the United Kingdom, who came to the rescue of a drunk man, ultimately caused his death.

The Liverpool Crown Court heard that 56-year-old Paul Long, pulled over on Conway Street, in Birkenhead, after seeing a man lying on the pavement outside the Crown pub.

Long checked on Aso Azzizi, to see if he needed medical attention. However, Azzizi soon got up and walked away. When Long determined that Azzizi was well but drunk, he went to his car and drove away.

Long then made a u-turn to get back to where he was going before seeing Azzizi on the floor.

However, according to prosecutors, Long did not look well enough. A car, which according to prosecutors was speeding twice the speed limit, came towards Long’s car and clipped the front.

The second car, which was driven by Kieran Platt, 21, spun out of control and hit Azzizi, who was walking at the side of the road.

Azzizi suffered terrible wounds and died a few hours later of his injuries.

“The collision was caused by these two defendants who were both driving dangerously and ultimately cause the death of Mr. Azzizi,” Prosecutor Phil Astbury said.

Both men deny a charge of causing death by dangerous driving, and blamed each other for the death.