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Woman arouses her husband and cuts his private parts with box cutter for cheating with her friend

By Mason White 6:01 PM June 8, 2016
The husband being treated 

By: Chan Yuan
A woman took revenge against her cheating husband by cutting his private parts with a box cutter.

The woman of Thailand, who was identified only as Ann, 39, was furious after hearing that her 47-year-old husband was cheating on her with her close friend.

The woman was furious when her friend told her about the affair she had with Anna’s husband who sells chickens.

When she calmed down, the woman began arousing her husband, and when he was ready to be intimate with her, she cut his private parts.

The husband began screaming as his blood sprayed everywhere. Emergency workers found the man sitting outside of his home naked, screaming in agony and holding his bloody manhood.

Witnesses took photos of the naked man with blood running down his leg, and posted the photos to the Internet.

Anna joined her husband in the ambulance as he was taken to the Bang Lamung Hospital in Pattaya.

Doctors said that the man’s private parts were hanging by a piece of skin when he was brought into the hospital at about 4:30 a.m.

The wife faces charges of domestic violence.