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Woman buys live lobster from supermarket and ships it for $225 back to ocean

By Mason White 10:45 AM June 8, 2016
Christine Loughead 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman was upset when she saw lobster in a supermarket tank.

There was only one lobster alive and she decided to save it.

Christine Loughead of Ontario, Canada, is vegan and she did not want the animal to be someone’s meal so she bought it.

Loughead bought the live lobster for $20.23. She took it home. At first, she wanted to place it in a fish tank, but she later changed her mind.

She decided that the lobster has to go back to its natural habitat. Loughead reached out to other vegans on Facebook, where she said that she was looking for someone who could put the lobster back in the ocean in Nova Scotia.

​Beth Kent of Bridgewater, responded that she was willing to do the job. Kent, who is also vegan, helped with setting up the town’s first animal shelter 35 years ago.

Loughead’s life saving efforts were not done. She drove 6 hours from her home to the UPS store in Winnipeg, which ships live animals.

She paid $225 to send the lobster to Halifax, where Kent picked it up. Kent then released it back into the ocean.