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Student jumps into back of stinky garbage truck while naked and refuses to come out

By Mason White 11:56 AM June 9, 2016
Benjamin Abele 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A student jumped into a pile of garbage in the back of a garbage truck and he refused to come out.

The man, who is student at the University of Georgia, jumped into the back of the garbage truck while he was naked.

Police believe that the student may have been high on PCP at the time of the incident.

Officers of the Athens Police Department, had a hard time rescuing 22-year-old Benjamin Abele, as he violently fought them off.

Officers said that they had a hard to get a grip of Abele, because he was very slippery after he became covered with a foul-smelling liquid.

Abele was shocked twice with a Taser as officers tried to subdue him. However, police said that the first time, the device was not effective.

When he was shocked a second time, it took four officers to get him out of the garbage truck, and he was transported to a hospital for treatment.

Abele was charged with public indecency and felony obstruction. He was released after posting $16,000 bond.

On his LinkedIn page, Abele describes himself as a “persistent entrepreneur who embraces each failure as a valuable gain of wisdom.”

He recently won a $10,000 prize during the school’s entrepreneurship competition for designing an ecommerce startup for art sales.