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Armed robbers try to rob McDonald’s only to be stopped by group of elite soldiers having lunch

By Mason White 4:22 PM June 9, 2016
McDonald’s (illustration) 

By: Tanya Malhotra
Armed robbers were at the wrong place, at the wrong time, when they decided to rob a McDonald’s.

Two men tried to carry out an armed robbery at a McDonald’s in France, only to be thwarted by a table full of soldiers who were having lunch at the restaurant.

The thieves broke into the restaurant in Ecole-Valentin on Sunday night. The men fired a warning shot to scare people.

Many customers and employees fled and ran for cover. One of the armed man warned staff members and customers not to move while one thief tried to take money from the register.

However, the two men were not aware of the presence of a dozen elite special operations soldiers who were all trained in dealing with hostage situations.

When the soldiers made their move, the thieves fled. One man fell down a flight of stairs while being chased by the soldiers while the other was stopped by being shot in the abdomen.

Both men were detained until police arrived at the scene and arrested the two criminals.