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Boy whose dog died sneaks into couple’s garage to hug their dog

By Mason White 10:35 AM June 10, 2016
Josh Breaux hugging neighbor’s dog 

By: Chan Yuan
(Scroll down for video) A woman was surprised when she saw a boy sneaking into her garage to hug her dog.

Hollie Mallet of Pierre Part, Louisiana, said that she was reviewing her home security system when she noticed a young boy sneaking into her garage and hug the dog.

The boy was seen on video riding his bike up to the family’s driveway. He then jumped off the bike, ran into the open garage and hugged the dog.

The boy then quickly ran away and drove off. Mallet decided to share the video in order to invite the child to play with her dog.

Mallet posted the video to Facebook, and asked people to help her find the child. The boy’s mother, Ginger Breaux, saw the video and confirmed that the caring boy was 9-year-old Josh Breaux.

She also learned that the boy’s family had a dog that died, and so far, they family did not buy another dog.

Mallet offered Breaux to come play with her black lab named Dutchess. She said that she is happy to help the boy heal from his loss.