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Woman dies of peanut allergy after being kissed by boyfriend who ate peanut butter sandwich

By Mason White 10:27 AM June 10, 2016
Myriam Ducre-Lemay 

By: Feng Qian
(Scroll down for video) A young woman lost her life after passionately kissing her boyfriend who ate a peanut butter sandwich, according to police in Canada.

Sherbrooke police said that 20-year-old Myriam Ducre-Lemay, suffered a severe peanut allergy following the kiss from her boyfriend.

According to the police investigation, Ducre-Lemay never told her boyfriend that she was allergic to peanuts. The incident unfolded after Ducre-Lemay believed that her peanut allergy became less severe.

She even told her family and friends that she is no longer sensitive to peanuts.

Ducre-Lemay was without her EpiPen and medical alert bracelet when she suffered the allergic reaction, which caused her death.