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12-year-old boy commits suicide after argument with teacher over classroom seating during graduation

By Mason White 4:12 AM June 28, 2016
Xiao Wu arguing with the teacher 

By: Chan Yuan
Students and teachers at a school in China, were shocked over the unexpected death of a young student.

The elementary school student in Hunan, jumped to his death after arguing with his teacher over the layout of desks in their classroom.

A video of the incident that took place at the Loudi Prefecture elementary school, shows the boy sitting at his desk, leaving the classroom and then on the floor outside the school building.

The 12-year-old boy named Xiao Wu, was rushed to a nearby hospital, but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The teacher said that students were preparing for their graduation ceremony that was supposed take place later in the day.

Wu, who was in charge of some of the preparations for the graduation, rearranged all the desks in the classroom the day before.

However, the teacher did like the way Wu rearranged the desks so she ordered the student to take their desks back to their regular positions.

As students followed the teacher’s orders, Wu sat stubbornly in his chair and began to cry. The teacher ignored him and she went ahead with the day’s lessons.

Wu soon left the classroom. He climbed over a railing on the fourth floor of the building and jumped to his death.

Wu’s parents said that he left their house in the morning in great spirits. He asked them to dress in their finest clothes for his graduation.

They and his classmates were surprised at his suicide, saying that he was an outgoing and cheerful child.