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Farmer stunned over sexual relationship between his pig and a kangaroo

By Mason White 6:09 PM June 13, 2016
The kangaroo hugging the pig 

By: Feng Qian
A farmer in Australia, said that he is stunned over the relationship between his pig and a random Kangaroo.

The pig’s owner Greg Dick, said that tried to keep the animals apart, but after a while, he could no longer stand in the way of their love.

He said that he tried to pull the pig away, but the kangaroo almost tore the fence. “They’re in love,” Dick said.

PhD boffin Ryan Frazier of Sydney, spotted the odd couple hugging and having sex during a trip to the Northern Territory near Alice Springs.

Frazier took photos of the odd couple. Some of the photos show the kangaroo hugging the female pig, who is named Apples.

The Kangaroo placed its paws on both sides of the pig while crouched in front of it. Other photos show the animals engaging in sexual activity.

Other photos show two geese standing nearby and watching the action.

Frazier said he was “bewildered by the affection between the macho kangaroo and the nonchalant hog.”