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Goldman Sachs sacks female banker for starring in several adult movies including Lost Virginity

By Mason White 7:09 AM June 14, 2016
Adult movie star (illustration) 

By: Chan Yuan
A female banker in Japan, is out of a job after her employer learned that her past included appearances in several adult movies.

Former porn star Shizuka Minamoto, who became famous after appearing in Lost Virginity, was fired by Goldman Sachs, after the company learned about her secret career as a porn actress.

Goldman Sachs said that every potential employee is investigated to make sure that their past measures up to what is expected from a banker.

Minamoto participated in several adult movies while attending college. After she graduated, she found a job as a banker in Tokyo.

However, her past violated the bank’s code of ethics and the job of her dreams slipped through her fingers.

People close with Minamoto, revealed that the woman wanted to starr in adult movies because she was curious about the industry.