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Man suffers dislocated shoulder after large brawl broke out at Sloppy Joe’s bar over someone’s fart

By Mason White 12:00 PM June 13, 2016
Sloppy Joe’s bar 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man was rushed to a hospital after suffering a dislocated shoulder during a fight at a bar following a fart, according to police in Florida.

Naples police said that they questioned 53-year-old Richard McBride, and his girlfriend, 55-year-old Sandra Stoner, following the fight that occurred in Sloppy Joe’s, which is located at 201 Duval Street.

McBride suffered a dislocated shoulder after getting involved the fight that was sparked by someone farting. No charges have been filed against the suspects after McBride refused to pursue a case against them.

The couple told police that they were at the bar drinking with friends on Monday night, when Stoner traded words with an unidentified woman following the fart.

Stoner got up from her seat and confronted the other woman.

An unidentified man and other women joined the fight, including McBride. McBride pushed the man, and the man retaliated by hitting McBride in the face.

As a result, McBride suffered a dislocated shoulder. McBride was taken to the Lower Keys Medical Center, where he was arrested and released.