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Nightclub owner crashes into his venue while practicing dramatic entrance with military tank

By Mason White 4:38 PM June 13, 2016
The tank at the entrance of the club 

By: Tanya Malhotra
A man destroyed his own nightclub while driving a military tank.

The night club owner of Poland, was practicing for a dramatic entrance at his venue.

However, during practice, things went very wrong and the club owner crashed into the front of the building, causing damage to the place.

The unfortunate incident was recorded on video.

The video shows the club owner, who was identified as 38-year-old Rafal of Club Mono in Szubin, driving the massive artillery machine through a small fire in a large area of dirt land outside the venue.

He then continued driving until he crashed into the building. Rafal told police that he was unable to stop the tank and he believes that something malfunctioned.

Police said that their investigation revealed that the driver was sober at the time of the accident, and that it was caused by a technical failure.

The party was canceled for the night after the crash.