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Professor fathers 22 children by donating his sperm for free in public restrooms

By Mason White 1:35 PM June 13, 2016
Ari Nagel 

By: Feng Qian
Many people seemed to be lining up to get sperm from a hot-looking professor.

However, the donations are not being processed through a clinic, but rather in public bathrooms, such as in stores and restaurants.

The professor goes into the restroom with a cup and he then hands his sperm to the women. So far, 18 women, including lesbians and childless couples, used the professor to father 22 children.

Five of the women later sued 40-year-old professor Ari Nagel Of Brooklyn, New York, and he was ordered by the court to pay child support.

One woman said that she expected Nagel to help her raise her two son’s he fathered, but he was not there. However, Nagel said that there was a clear understanding that he will not be responsible for the children in any way.

One woman, who chose to use the professor to father her daughter, said: “He loves people, he’s outgoing, and he’s gorgeous.”

She also said that Nagel regularly sees many of his children by babysitting them and at birthdays and graduations.

Nagel said he loves donating sperm as it allows him to have a huge family without all the responsibility. “I I’m getting all the joy, but also getting a good night’s rest,” he said.

Despite losing half of his paycheck to child support, Nagel said that he is not looking to give up his hobby any time soon.